About Hill Green

History of the School

Hillgreen High School & Jr College (HHS & JC) is an unaided linguistic minority institution is a prestigious project of Kerala People’s Education Society.

The society’s unrelenting quest for providing a better environment and modern educational facilities for the development of academic, physical, moral, social and aesthetic values of up-coming generation prompted it to acquire sufficient land to set up the Hillgreen high school in its present healthy, pollution-free, picturesque location at Pisoli. Starting with a nursery class set up in the year 1994 with just 10 students. Hillgreen high school has achieved an astonishing progress over the years in terms of student’s strength and infrastructure development.

HHS & JC is affiliated with the CBSE board. The school has well-qualified and experienced teachers.

The students of HHS are also being imparted the training in yoga & karate by professionals in this field for their overall physical and mental development. They are also given scientific training in various disciplines of sports and games by well-qualified physical training teachers.

The school conducts yearly medical check up of all the students, teachers and staff by eminent doctors so as to ensure that all of them maintain a good health.

The student teacher ratio in every class being 30:1 or thereabout, every student receives personal attention and monitoring from the teachers. Regular evaluations are conducted to assess the progress of the students.