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Dear Students and Parents,
On behalf of entire Hillgreen faculty and staff I would like to welcome all of you in the new academic session2021-22.

Covid-19 pandemic has surely altered lives and disrupted normal life across the world. It is assumed to be a really uncertain period for all the stakeholders. I understand the challenges faced by our students parents and the teachers to cater to academic needs during closure of school and adapting to virtual learning. But I am proud of you as you continued to demonstrate diligence, motivation and determination to work to best of your abilities to learn new instructions. To begin with I request all of you to place on record the brave hearts who have been working tirelessly putting at risk their own life, all the volunteers, health professionals, all over the world. Their selfless service is commendable. Let us in spirit wish and pray for all people who have been affected by the virus directly and indirectly.

Our talented and ever-willing-to-work staff ,both teaching and non-teaching ,have been showing their care and concern for the school and students, working from home preparing modules and engaging classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and acknowledge their commitment and care for the institution.

Lots of parents have contacted us to say they are worried about their children sitting in front of their computers/smart phones/Ipads. Children have boundless energy that needs space to flow. They are cooped up indoors all day, and don’t get chance to socialize. Let’s mindful being creative and doing things away from the screen. Creativity is not just about arts and crafts .It’s all about questioning. How can I? Why should it? What would happen if? It’s about making sure that children are always being asked those questions. The most important thing we can do is teaching them life skills, now is a really good time to teach children things you want to be done. Not all lessons need to be academic. They can be life lessons we want our children to learn as well. Even how they fold their clothes, mop up or vacuum, plant a sapling and so many other things. Actually life is very fast and we have no time for this kind of teachings but they are invaluable skills.

We have got to be quite careful to keep them inspired and interested and prepare them for returning to school. Stay in touch as much as possible and continue to communicate. We can’t stand together physically. But our thought can be united. So, let’s fight together digitally hand in hand, against this pandemic. This is a new territory for all of us; let’s work hard getting through this challenge together.

Stay well! Stay positive! Keep smiling!

Warm Regards

Mrs. Mona Dey