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Principal's Message

From The Principal's Desk

An exuberant welcome to the session 2019-20

Let us pave way to its commencement with great fervor and supposition for achieving towering standards in the field of academics and other essential skills.

We believe in giving our students strong values along with a set of wings which may carry them far and wide.

We aim to not just impart knowledge to the students but also to inculcate in them our motto,Strength,Wisdom,And Character. We have a multi cultural student population hence we teach children the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture.Discipline,values and culture are the very foundation of this school.

The school desires to have your co-operation in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to educate your ward. It is essential that all the three factors, the child, The parents, and The Teacher work together. The diary is one of the links which brings home and school together and is an effective medium for parent teacher contact.

So you are requested to check the child’s diary regularly and respond to the remarks promptly if any. Kindly read all the informations given in the diary.

We request you to kindly follow few things which help us in fulfilling our mission.

  1. Please note that the school diary, which carries the daily homework, has to be signed by you on a daily basis.
  2. Please note that leave letters have to be sent to school without fail whenever a student is absent from the school.
  3. Please keep the student home if she/he is unwell, even if there is an exam, so that infection or any contagious disease is not spread to the other student in school.
  4. Make sure your ward reaches the school on time. Late coming not only affects the student's involvement in school activities, but also affects the overall discipline of the school. Late coming to the school will be viewed seriously and the gates will not be opened for the late comers.
  5. Please do not request for any half day for the student. If you have any engagement or appointment, the student can stay back at home. This will ensure security issues for the student.
  6. Kindly make sure that your ward is coming daily in neat and clean and proper uniform to the school/college with proper hair cut. Otherwise it will be cut in School by the barber & Rs. 100 will be charged. Wearing ID CARD is compulsory. This not only keeps discipline in the institution, but also helps to build high confidence level in the student.
  7. Carrying MOBILE PHONE is not permitted. If we find any student with MOBILE PHONE the phone will be confiscated and given back only after the final exam. Parent’s request in this matter will not be entertained in any circumstances.
  8. On the birthday of the child ,instead of sending chocolate or cake we request you to send a sapling with your child. He/she only will plant the sapling and can contribute a bit to save our planet.
  9. We urge you to cooperate with us and help us groom our student to be punctual and disciplined in life.

Warm Regards

Mrs. Mona Dey