Rules & Regulations

Library Rules

  1. Library books will be sent to the classes. Every student is allowed to borrow one book from the class library at a time. In addition to this facility, the students of standards vii to ix may borrow from the library, during its working hours, one book each at a time for a period not exceeding one week.
  2. Any book borrowed by a student, if not required by another student, may be reissued to him/ her for another week.
  3. Certain books, magazines etc. Are available only for reference in the library.
  4. A student is allowed to keep a library book with him/ her only for a mixumum period of one week from the date of issue of the book to him/ her. Failure to return the book to the library on the due date will make the defaulting student liable to pay a late fee @ Rs. 1/ per day for the excess period in which the book had been kept with him/ her. Over and above permitted one week.
  5. Library books must not be exchanged or interchanged by the students between them. Each student is fully responsible for the book that he / she borrows from the library.
  6. If a book is lost or destroyed by a student, the full market value of the bok of the lost/ destroyed book will be recovered from him/ her.
  7. Books should be treated with care both in and out of the library. No writing inkblots, torn pages, jam marks and the likes are allowed.
  8. All the books should be returned at least a fortnight before the commencement of the annual examination.
  9. Any student breaking the above rules will be liable to pay a fine and / or face any other disciplinary action, as decided upon by the principal.