Rules & Regulations

Recommendation to The Parents

The school expects co-operation from the parents/ guardians to ensure:

  1. That the children come to the school regularly, punctually and neatly dressed.
  2. That the children bring to the school their books and note books, which are properly maintained.
  3. That the children bring their school calendar regularly to the school
  4. That the children do their homework regularly.
  5. That the homework is signed every day by the parents/ guardians.
  6. That the occasional report made by the teacher in the school calendar is signed and returned by the parents/ guardians.
  7. That they comply, as early as possible, when requested to meet the teacher or principal any matter concerning their children, who are the students of out schools.
  8. Non availability of railway reservation or any such excuses will not be accepted as a reason for non attendance by any student on the opening day of the school after any vacation.
  9. That they do not ring up the school telephone nos. Except in urgent cases. No requests from the parents/ guardians for calling the students and / or staff to the phone shall be entertained under any circumstances, whatsoever.