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Beyond the wall

We believe that learning should not be limited by the walls of the campus. Children should be given ample opportunity to go out, see and experience life as it is in the real world. This will introduce them to reality and help them mature into complete and self-reliant human beings. To this effect, many expeditions and outings are organised where groups of children are taken to factory sites, science laboratories, zoological parks, museums, historical and cultural sites and other places of interest. Treks, nature trails, picnics are also regularly organised. These are not only enjoyable outings for the children, but are also useful learning tools, helping to educate them about various flora and fauna. We also take the children to visit villages and farms around the school campus, and encourage them to interact with the local, rural populace. Such activities open up new windows in the minds of children and expose them to varied and diverse stimuli, which go a long way in nurturing healthy thinking minds. Also the fact that it exposes them to a myriad different social environments.

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